warrior conference

Find your warrior brothers

Join us at the Warrior Conference for an incredible opportunity to experience God, connect with fellow men, and enjoy the journey together. Discover the power of building a relationship with God and your brothers in arms, ensuring you're never alone in life's battles.

become the man of god you are called to be

Step away from the chaos of daily life and immerse yourself in an exclusive weekend designed to help men nurture their relationships with God and fellow Warrior brothers. Don't miss this extraordinary chance to strengthen your faith, forge lifelong friendships, and unleash your inner warrior for Jesus Christ.

find your warrior army

At the Warrior Conference, we're more than an event; we're a transformative movement that touches lives one man at a time. With Jesus by your side and the unwavering support of your fellow warriors, victory is not just a possibility – it's assured. Join us and be part of this inspiring journey.



what to expect

No matter which Warrior Conference location you choose to attend, you can rest assured that you'll encounter a rich array of similar events and elements at every venue. Each conference is meticulously designed to provide a consistent and high-quality experience, ensuring that participants across different locations can enjoy the same impactful sessions, engaging activities, and opportunities for growth and networking.

Warrior Conference & Worship sessions

Get ready for four awesome sessions packed with uplifting worship, fun elements, and messages that'll lift you up and gear you up. It's not just about good vibes – we're bringing you a mix of feel-good moments, entertainment, and real-talk messages to boost you up and help you grow.

Warrior Brotherhood

Spend the weekend bonding with fellow Warriors at the conference and leave with a squad that's got your back. The connections you make are like forging a whole new army of support. It's not just a conference – it's building a crew for the journey ahead.

warrior games

Pick from a bunch of Warrior-sized games and activities – we're talking mountain biking, nature trails, basketball, disc golf, football, soccer, canoeing, kayaking, and more. And guess what? It's all part of your conference deal, so no extra charges. Get ready for a weekend full of fun without breaking the bank!

food, food & more food

There are many food options at the Warrior Conference from restaurants around the ares, and even some of the lodging options having kitchens in the room. Also a number of Warrior Conference locations have a Warrior BBQ or a meal package. Find out all the details on your conference details page!

Warrior Conference recharges me to finish the year strong...

“Warrior Conference serves me in three ways.  As a men's leader it helps me connect with our men in a much stronger way with fewer distractions.  It allows me to meet other leaders and share thoughts and ideas.  Finally, every year I hear great messages geared toward men which helps me recharge for the remainder of the year.”

Ken Daley

Warrior Conference is both life changing and fun...

“Warrior conference was a fantastic experience and has the best worship. It’s an incredible mix of life changing messages combined with tons of fun!“

Josiah Zaporetski

I felt a sense of belonging and purpose that I've never experienced...

The Warrior Conference exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I arrived, I felt a sense of belonging and purpose that I've never experienced at any other conference. The speakers were incredible, addressing issues that every man faces in today's world. They didn't just preach; they shared their own struggles and how faith empowered them to overcome.

Dave Winn

The Warrior Conference is not just an event; it's a catalyst for personal growth...

The worship sessions were incredibly moving, and the fellowship with other men was something I'll cherish forever. The Warrior Conference is not just an event; it's a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual transformation. I can't wait to return next year and continue this incredible journey with my fellow warriors.

Russ Greenwood

This conference stood out in every way...

I recently attended the Warrior Conference, and it was nothing short of life-altering. As a man of faith, I've been to many church conferences, but this one stood out in every way. The speakers were not only knowledgeable but incredibly inspiring. They spoke to the warrior spirit in all of us, encouraging us to be strong leaders in our families, communities, and faith.

Joe Maldonado

Through God's grace and God's love for me, I am a better man.

The Warrior Conference changed my life. My second time there I got baptized and gave my life to Christ. I have connected with so many warriors brothers that have inspired me to be a better man, husband and leader. It has shown me that men can be vulnerable and open up to one another. Through God's grace and God's love for me, I am a better man.

Luis Caceres

Invest in yourself...

Warriors Conference is not just an “experience” it’s an INVESTMENT for yourself, your wife, your family, and others around you.

Isaiah Laurencelle

Where men can come in broken and leave with a new life.

Warrior Conference is an environment that is truly indescribable. It’s an environment where walls get broken down and brotherhoods get built. Its where men can come in broken and leave with a new life. It has helped guide me as I enter into adulthood and it has given me a place where I can find role models to lool up to and ask questions when I’m stuck.

Brandon Ahina