Success Stories

Warrior conference gives you an idea of the actual army that is behind you when you fight through your every day life. It gives you a picture of the resilience and transparency within the church body and shows you that you are not alone!

Justin Croteau

My first time going to Warriors was unreal! 1200 men, incredible speakers and powerful worship! I was so impacted by what God was doing and believe every man needs this! We are Warriors 👊🏻

Jesse Leger

This will be my 3rd Warriors conference. My first was incredible. 1200 men with their hands raised in praise for Jesus. The most powerful moment in my life. Every man needs this.👊 It's time to Warrior Up.

Dave Palmer

Last year was my first warrior conference, and wow was it incredible! The feeling of having over 1000+ men in the same room all lifting their hands and worshipping without worrying about what the people next to them are thinking, makes for a powerful holy spirit filled room. The speaker for the conference brought with him such an amazing message, it left you thinking differently then you were when you walked in, after each and every session. This conference deepened my relationship with God, and with my friends and family. I left warrior conference better then the man I was when I got there.

Jeshua Leger