warrior Challenges

Do you have what it takes to complete these challenges?

Warrior virtual 5k

Take a 3.1 mile run and use your Nike Run or any other Fitness/Running App to track your time.  After the run screenshot the track, mileage, and time and submit a picture of yourself in warrior gear (if you have it)

Submit your 5k time

Warrior hot dog eating contest

How many hot dogs can you eat? Get your camera and record for 5 minutes yourself eating as many hot dogs as possible! After the 5 minutes take a picture of yourself with a piece of paper with how may hot dogs you completely finished and submit both the video and picture!

Submit your Hot dog Video

Warrior Yell

If you have Warrior gear put that on and give us your best WARRRRRIORRRRRRRRR Cry and Submit your video! CLICK HERE to view an example!

Submit your Warrior Cry

Warrior push ups

Do as many push ups you can in 60 seconds while filming and upload your submission!

Submit your push ups

Warrior in training

Submit the best picture of yourself and the Warrior In Training in your life!

Submit your photo